Where is Justice?

This Was the message Preached on Sunday by Rev prophet Dr. S. V. O Okpere (JP) at Deliverance holy mission Int’L Inc headquarters Benin City. Prophet Okpere roared at the situation across the world in general and our Nation Nigeria in particular and come out with the question to the Religious Leaders across the Land to reviews the platform where their faith has begun. He observed that one issue of concern in our society nowadays is Justice. Injustice pervades almost everywhere such that Justice is gradually eroding. This the Prophet said it’s worrisome that even in places where one could have expected justice.


He noted that even like religious institutions,Judicial establishments and even at home, injustices is becoming a normal life. So, where is Justice? Prophet Sunday Okpere who supported his assertion with the scripture he took in Ecclesiastics 3:12–22, and Matthew 24:4–14, lamented on the evil being perpetuated on earth. Where Justice and equality were expected, injustice and wickedness are dominant. Hence, the good is named bad while the bad is called good. However the Prophet who has just completed his 21days of Liberation camp prayer and fasting since last week call on the Christians to sit up and continue in their prayers because we believe that the Ultimate Judgment of God awaits all activities of human beings, both the wicked and the righteous. Prophet Okpere said, although injustice and wickedness are replacing sound judgment and the fear of God in many homes, organizations and the society at large, God’s sound judgment is sure. He is a just God who is not partial like earthly judges and nobody can question His judgment.


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Highlights of the service was Prophetic declarations for Peace and Reconciliation to take preeminence in our Nation Nigeria. Meanwhile Deliverance holy mission (Victory Chapel) Unity Street Agbor road branch Ohovbe by first upstairs Benin city, holds their annual harvest thanksgiving with the Theme: Attitude for gratitude this Sunday 5th November 2023 by 10am. Pastor Alex Osazee Otiku is the host Pastor while Rev. Prophet Dr. S. V. O Okpere (JP) is the Chief host.

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