The Living Sacrifice (Season 1)

This was as the message preached on Sunday by Rev prophet Dr S. V. O Okpere (JP) at Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc headquarters Benin City. Addressing the Congregation the Prophet tasked believers in Christ Jesus to be an example of how believers should walk in the footsteps of our Lord and master Jesus Christ and provokes their neighbourhood with Love and brotherly kindness. He noted that God has reasons for them to live together as neighbours. God knew us all before we were born, and He is aware of where we will live. He will expose our good works, if we live together in harmony.


Prophet Sunday Okpere who supported his assertions with the Scripture he took in Job 36:9–12, Matthew 6:19–24, John 1:29, and Romans 12:1–3. And said, every believer in Christ is living Sacrifice and preserved to make a difference in his or her generation, their mission is to expose the good works of our Lord Jesus Christ, and convert the unbelievers into the body of Christ, rather than seeking for their personal achievements and materialism that will not last forever but will definitely fades away without the good work of our Lord. He noted that no riches comes by hard work but to give food. And said good riches comes by the blessings of the Lord without sorrows.



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Highlights of the service was the Prophetic declarations for the will of God to manifest in our Nation especially as the transition to a new dispensation is next week. Special Choirs renditions that triggered the charismatics service.

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