Take your battles to the lord in prayers (Season 2)

This was the message preached on Sunday by Rev prophet Dr S. V. O okpere (JP) at Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc headquarters Benin City. He tasked believers in Christ Jesus to turn to God in prayers for divine restorations. He noted that,the State of Nigeria is not far from the devastating experience of Judah during the time of Prophet Joel. The dreaded Locusts that confronts us as a People,manifests in corruptions, bad governance, great bribery and selfishness. The practice of this Locusts has given birth to love of money by all means. As a result of this we now suffer from evil deeds of kidnapping and killings, Prostitution, human trafficking, insecurity, violence, ritual killings and Armed Robbery etc. Categorically we must conclude that we have sinned against God as a people.


Prophet Sunday Okpere who supported his assertion with the Scripture he took in Joel 2:18–27, John 5:39–44, and Luke 21:5–36. Noted that, Satan is no more hidden hence they are doing many things to silence the Church and to remove the Holy Bible from the bookShop, book shelves in Churches with Christians and Men of God helping him to achieve that without their knowledge? Ministers of God are preaching from the Laptops iPad and Phones instead of from the Holy Bible, they are inadvertently encouraging their members to come to the church service with their phones instead of their Holy Bible But as for other religions like Muslims can neither preach their sermons from Laptops or tell their members to come to mosque with Phones. It’s Quran all through. The Spiritual Leader Concludes and said if going to Church service with the Holy Bible is a burden, remember Jesus Christ Carried a bigger burden for you. However, Joel in the midst of evil experience came up to Prophesy that, a time when God’s People will truly repent and go back to God, they will receive full restoration from The LORD.


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Baby Dedication


Highlights of the service was Prophetic declarations for Peace and the will of God to be done in our Nation Nigeria. Dedication of baby by the Deacon & Deacons Jonathan Idemudia. Meanwhile, Deliverance Holy Mission (Liberation Chapel) hold two days mass-deliverance this Friday 16th & Saturday 17th June 2023 beginning from 8am, on Sunday 18th is testimonies and mid year harvests thanksgiving. Theme: FREEDOM FROM MENTAL CAPTIVITY (Ephesians 1:18) Rev. mother Ebuwa S.V. O Okpere JP with other anointed Men of God with be there. Rev. Prophet Dr S. V. O Okpere (JP) is the Chief host.

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