Reason why you must be in Covenant with Jesus

This was the message Preached on Sunday at the Special thanksgiving service to mark the end of 21days of Liberation camp prayer and fasting by Rev. prophet Dr. S. V. O Okpere (JP) at deliverance holy mission headquarters Benin City. He admonished the believers in Christ to look beyond denominations and church names with titles and look unto Jesus Christ who is the author of His Church, He has built on Humanity with a mission to share and spread the gospel of His Ministry and promote brotherly kindness to their neighborhood without sentiments. He noted that, most Church people now have faith in their Church names and titles more than our Lord Jesus Christ, which has weakened the body of Christ.


He said, most people have testified about the goodness of God and our Lord Jesus Christ yet denied the faith in Jesus Christ due to greedy decisions. Prophet Sunday Okpere who Supported his assertion with the scripture he took in Matthew 16:13–19, Matthew 21:12–16, Mark 10:17–31, he noted that believers in Christ ought to be seen with the Character and attitude of our lord Jesus Christ by Living the Lives that’ll be pleasing to God and beneficial to humanity without denominational sentiments. He admonished the congregation not to abuse the Grace of God upon their lives and said, whoever that abuse Grace will end up eating grasses, but to cultivate the attitudes of gratitude and be grateful with whatever they have, and said, whoever that’s ungrateful is a great Fool.



Prayer Against Unfriendly Friends



Praising God with the Saxophonist


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Highlights of the service was the prophetic declarations for Peace and the will of God to manifest in our Nation Nigeria. Special thanksgiving presentations to the Altar led by the first family of the Church and his Carpenter’s dream households. meanwhile Deliverance Holy Mission (Victory Chapel) Unity Streets Ohovbe quarters b first upstairs Agbor road will hold her annual harvest thanksgiving with the Theme: ATTITUDE FOR GRATITUDE on Sunday 5th November 2023 by 10am pastor Alex Otiku is the host while Rev. prophet and Rev Mother S. V. O Okpere (JP) as Chief host. Prayers and Prophecies brings the service to a close.

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