God Has The Final Say (Season 1)

This was the message preached on Sunday by Rev. Prophet Dr. S. V. O Okpere (JP) at deliverance holy mission Int’L Inc. headquarters Benin City. He enjoined believers in Christ Jesus to understand the simple fact that, without any controversy God has the final say over all situations in our lives, families, Church and Nation. He noted that, the situations in our country today can be likened to the time disaster struck the entire land of Judah without warning. An enormous plague of locusts in a matter of hours consumed all the vegetation in the land, destroyed all the pastures of sheep and cattle. Prophet Joel seized the opportunity to proclaim God’s messages to the people of Judah, who needed to know that God might had turned His back against them. Let me as a prophet of God open up to you as believers in Christ Jesus that, God has the final say.


Prophet Sunday Okpere who supported his assertion with the scripture he took in Psalms 119:89, Joel 2:18–27, 1st Corinthians 2:7–16, noted that our nation may be drifting with various challenges, while the drums of wars are already beating in our neighborhood, but for us as God’s Children, Our time of Liberation is coming soon,because we know and believe that only God has the final say. The Prophet Stated that Our God holds the wild winds of the Earth in His fist and pockets and He rule over Nations.


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Highlights of the service was prophetic declarations for peace and the will of God to take preeminence in our Nation Nigeria. Special renditions that thrill the congregation by the Choristers special prayers for the congregation brings the services to a Closed. 

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