Discover your Grace from the sight of the Lord (Season 2)

This was the message Preached on Sunday by Rev prophet Dr. S. V. O Okpere (JP) at deliverance holy mission Int’L Inc headquarters Benin City. Addressing the congregation at the 8th day of the mission’s 21days of Liberation camp prayer and fasting, he enjoined believers in Christ to take the instructions given by God Almighty very serious and put God first above whatever they are doing in lives and enjoys God’s sufficient grace. Noting that, God want to be our Priority at all times. Hence Our Lord Jesus Christ said, that Christians should seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first and enjoys God’s Sufficient grace and Favour that will abide in us continuously.


The Prophet said, the Psalmist described those who do not seek God and have Him in their thoughts as proud. Prophet Sunday Okpere who supported his assertion with the scripture he took in Exodus 34:14–15, Deuteronomy 26:1–4, 1st Kings 17:7–17, Proverbs 3:9–10, and Matthew 6:31–34 Noted that one of the Names of God is “Jealous” the Clerics said, when God sees that you always put Him First and you honored Him, then He will begin to workout befitting rewards for you. He admonished the congregation to always guide their God’s given garment of Grace upon them not to be taken away from them or else they will be nobody.


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Highlights of the service was Prophetic declarations for Peace and the will of God to manifest in our Nation Nigeria. Meanwhile the Liberation Camp Prayer and fasting with four sections of intercessions in 24hours continues till Saturday 21st October with the Jericho March to the Carpenter’s dream house that will call the program to a closed. Prayers and Choirs Special renditions brings the service to a closed.

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