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  • Topic:                                     CAN THESE BONES LIVE?
  • BIBLE TEXT:                     EZEKIEL 37: 1-14; JOHN 5:3-8
  • MEMORY VERSE: Act 19: 2 He said to them, “Did you receive the holy spirit when you believe?”                             So they said to him, We have not so much as heard whether there is a holy spirit.”
  • INTRODUCTION: Brethren, from our two lessons so far, it is clear that EZEKIEL never leave his bed, but the spirit of GOD him travelled out of him. so also it is in the life and characters of our today’s prophets, especially the chosen prophet (Amos 3:7 & 8); (Deut. 18:18-22; Jeremiah1:5-9).  their manifestations are beyond human comprehension. In your assessment, you can liken them to be a witch, but Apostle Paul saw their function as mysteries ( Galatians 4: 20-24). Even those we call witches/wizards are the same, but different source with different manifestations. There is a spirit that is supervising your hearing and manifestations, hence GOD said……Read (Leviticus 14: 17-19). This must be done for a proper cleansing.
  • Very many encounters have happened. In my encounter with them, some attracted crowd, others confess when their manifestation are unveiled. Some see their spirit travel out of them in their return and they became two in the room. the joy i have is that none of their mission was ever accomplished. Some turned owl entered my house to perpetuate evil and what they were there for was aborted. Yet they were caught and killed at the end of the uneventful manifestation. Though David was able to define their activities as rebels and this i believe (1samuel 15: 23). Once they are with this evil spirit, they become problems to themselves and their neighbors. The contradictions are very obvious ( Galatians 5: 16-26; James 3: 13-18). But the spirit of GOD is calm, easy to treat, not self-centered. Those on the contrary spirit pray with grumbling hearts. Compare Apostle Paul’s definitions here. Read (Galatians 5: 19 -23). Because of who they are, you cannot please them. These are obvious in their attitude –nagging, anger, selfishness and mostly ingratitude. they take joy in attacking their neighbors. They are comfortable when they confront those who are supporting them. As someone whit the spirit of GOD in him or her; you can live with whoever is with the gift of GOD ( proverbs17: 8, proverbs4: 18-23). People see image of JESUS at my gates and on the walls, yet they try and continue to fall into troubles.
  • Beloved, if they ask you, can this bones live or can anything come out from Jerusalem? if you are for GOD, your answer will be simple, “Only GOD knows”. there is no battle between you them. let GOD do his best in his record time. But by the word of GOD in my mouth, your miracles shall come again. Read (Ezekiel 37:4-10). If we take the battles to be our, just as we do experience from time to time, or we start to speak in tongues just because of what we see as challenges, the battles will increase. No, my brethren, let GOD do it. But for GOD to do it, you must manifest the spirit of GOD in you. By your understanding of your prophet, whatever that is missing shall come alive now. Study this my missing steps were corrected. Do same and you will be blessed.
  • The continuation of this will continue next Sunday.
  • GOD bless you. It has been repeatedly advised here that bringing our correct tithe of 10% is for our own good. please abide.         







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