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SUNDAY SCHOOL (3rd April 2016)


                                        SUNDAY SCHOOL (3rd April 2016)

  • HEBREWS: 1:1-14; 1st JOHN 5:9-14


MEMORY VERSE:        JOHN 1:12 But as many as received him, to them he gave the right to become sons of GOD, to those who believe in his name:

Introduction: brethren, the preceding lesson has it that a Christian without Christ in him is yet to be born again. So for him to be in you, let the Bible be your closest companion – a life time admonition indeed.

Study John 3:1- 15 and examine yourself. Study the part (2).

Beloved, call to mind that where there are no counselors… (Proverbs 15:222). The answer to the question you are yet to ask is inside you, thereby engaging your mentality to terminate your adversity. You stand out and said, it is possible for me to follow her, but which way is the best? you must realize that common sense gives common results, yet it is not common. I decree now that as many that could read this lesson shall receive wisdom.

What is discretion? It means profitable ideas that can last for generations to come. This is the idea that a covenant person possesses. Government people come to such person to consult him. Joseph was a good example (Genesis 40:1-22). Joseph did not only possess the gift to interpret dreams, he had the gift of implementation. Discretion means understudying the practice of success. Always press to learn more  – go forward. Discover your ability, develop it and implement it what you have discovered and then become a star.

Beloved, covenant people are people of quality. Always realize that it is quality that attracts quality (Daniel 6:4). Daniel was an excellence man, yet the mediocre around the king thought they would win the war. All i know is that there is a limit to the blessings of the mediocre. I am not the prophet of the nonentity. You must make your plans ready. It is what you have that you can offer: I prophecy relevance to your generations now in Jesus Name. Amen. It is the unprofitable servant that will be cast into the outer darkness ( matt. 25:20-30).

Brethren, what is excellence? It is giving out the very best in you. It means that no one that you know is doing it more than you. Who did Daniel know that was better than him? Many of you manage things too much. It is not a matter of competition but a matter of expression. Excellence equals to intolerance of mediocrity. If you do, you will sacrifice your integrity. If you are a head, never manage with mediocre. If you are not careful, they will pull you off. They are those who praise you, even if you are wrong, yet you acknowledge their ideas. Always realize you need to look up now and that there is still one step or level you need to attain. Don’t be satisfied with your position. Apostle Paul declared… ( Philippians 3:12-16). This, you must know and move ahead. This is the condition i found myself in April, 2015 when i realized myself and retraced my lost steps. By His grace i am regaining it now. How well have you gone with 2016 concealment period and your Passover feast? It has come and gone.

God bless you. It has been repeatedly told in this paragraph, it pays to always bring your correct tithe of 100% to the store house of GOD. Please abide.