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SUNDAY SCHOOL, 1st of MAY 2016

SUNDAY SCHOOL, 1st of  MAY  2016


BIBLE TEXT : 1st SAMUEL 9:1-19,10:1-14


MEMORY VERSE: EZEKIEL 44:30 “The best of all firstfruits o any kind, and every sacrifice of any kind from all your sacrifces, shall be the priest’s; also you shall give the priest the first of your ground meal, to cause a blessing to rest on your house.

Introduction: Brethren, in the last lesson, the need to do the needful to provoke GOD to step into our challenges was stressed. What are the needful according to the lesson? Ask the widow of the sons of the prophets in 2nd kings 4:1-7. Study on.

At the end, she returned to the prophet to tell him her fulfilled lives without touching the capital and the gain, judge the above contents with these set of people in Matthew 25:14-30, note verse 20-29, who buried their talent and become the victim.

Brethren, what you need at that challenging time is just God stepping into your life. We read story of Elijah and zarephat widow with her only son. It was not a coincident to encounter Elijah. It was God’s design, firstly to try her faith. Read 1st Kings 17:8-16. She followed all the statements of the prophet. The prophet asked her to give him a drinking water; as she moved to do so, the prophet asked her to add a cake and this, the widow said was not going to be possible, but the prophet said , “Go and do as i have said, you will not die” very many of you in the congregation falled on these. The first cake she made, she submitted to the prophet, Elijah. The prophet blessed her. Most fruits in your hands are corrupted because you refused to send the first fruit to the prophet (Ezekiel 44:30). It is only when thhis is done that God will be provoked to step into your challenges. Only very few members, mainly youth and strangers are the only people that have done this and their results were instantaneous. It takes courage to submit all first fruit. It takes courage to bring all your tithes to the Altar of God.

Hannah submitted her first born hard earned son, samuel to GOD. she had other children (1st samuel 2:12-21). God did not want your first fruit offering from year to year, but He needs it to bless you. If Elijah had delayed just for a day before he moved to Zarephat, the widow with her son would have died. God blessed Abel and received his offerings because Abel acted in line with God’s directives. Cain was cursed because he acted according to his perception , just as many could say, where will God collect the offering; Is it not the man of God that eat them? you are very right, but read God’s directive on how the managers of the assemblies of the congregation shall go with the offerings (Numbers 18:8-12) God directed that all the first fruits shall be for God, then the oil of distinction shall be upon your crops and your source. When Israelites wanted to cross Jordan River, the river overflowed its bank (Joshua 3:14-17). God asked them to come to Him with thanksgiving when they complied, the river went back. Jordan means death. Death went back because of sacrifice in God’s instructions. No wonder David said… Read Psalm 50: 14&15. Beloved, where people think you will not survive, God will step in now in Jesus Name.

God bless you. The need to consistently bring our correct tithe of 10% has been stressed. It is God’s channels for lifting you up.