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Sunday School, 10th April 2016.

Sunday School 10th April

Sunday School, 10th April 2016.




MEMORY VERSE: EZEKIEL 37: 3 And he said to me, “son of man, can these bones live “? So i answered, “O Lord GOD, You know”.

Introduction: Brethren, the above topic and attention are the promise I made to the glorious morning of grace of 20th April, 2015 when the lord asked me to settle the interpretation of Ezekiel’s encounter and the meaning of the dried bones. The Lord’s question to Ezekiel was, CAN THESE THE BONES LIVE? Though, the world was direct to the son of man, I believe Ezekiel was carried out in the spirit while his real body was still on the bed. Remember our Lord Jesus Christ’s word to the Samaritan woman in John 4: 22-24, note verse 24. God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

So my beloved, Ezekiel’s encounters here purely spiritual. His body was left behind in his bed. It was an early morning dream. He was taken to a valley that was filled with dried bones. Ezekiel saw that all the bones were very many people see themselves. It will be obvious that whatever they lay their hands upon are not working. Some are above marriageable age, but no partner. Some have gone to school with good certificate, yet no job. Many got married and for many years, no child. In fact, numerous problems. They are all around us. My candid counsel to all of you is to take your petition to God Read (2nd Kings 4: 23& 26).

Brethren, many heard the testimony of the prophet or the church, yet they are not moved. (1) They are in a valley. A valley is a low land between two hills. (2) They are not sure if they can come out of the situation. Until you come to yourself ( Luke 15: 17-31). You cannot be celebrated. Some are tied down by their mind-set. Peradventure, familiarity ( Mark 6: 1-6). I told you earlier, that familiarity kills connectivity. Some would conclude, ‘this my problems are too much to be solved by this man called prophet.’ Those Ezekiel saw in the valley were all the people that lived, but in a horrible situation., hence they were all dried in their spirit in a low thought. They were unbeliever. Unbelievers are all dead among the living . (3) God caused Ezekiel to go round them many times. Behold, they were at the open valley. Their conditions were no more hidden and yet they were dried. Some can resolve to give up to drunkenness, smoking or just waiting for what will happen next; tied down by their unsuccessful ventures. They knew the origin of all that progress, yet they are not in same platform. They are frustrated. Read Proverbs 23: 7& 17. There is no way you can be promoted above your thought, perception or imagination. They knew nothing may be going well with them. yet they are living. All they believe is someone somewhere that might be responsible for their predicaments. That is not true. It is your responsibility to discover your ability and develop it. If you don’t want to believe in the spirit, implore your ability. If you maximize the ability God has given to you, there is a unique world waiting for you ( Matthew 25: 15-20).

part two of this will come your way next Sunday. keep a date

GOD bless you. It has been repeatedly told in this paragraph, it pays to always bring your correct tithe of your 10% to the house of God. Please abide.