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BIBLE TEXTS: 1st SAMUEL 9:1-19, 10:1-14


MEMORY VERSE: EZEKIEL 44:30 “The best of all firstfruits of any kind, and every sacrifice of any kind from all your sacrifice, shall be the Priest’s ; also you shall give to the priest the first of your ground meal, to cause a blessing to rest on your house.

Introduction: Brethren, note this fact of life. When God wants to take you out of challenges, He sends a Prophet. In the case of saul, prophet samuel did not only direct him on how to recover the missing asses (donkeys), the prophet also showed him God’s assignments in his generation (1st samuel 10:1-14). Naaman would have lived and died as a leper if not the prophet of God who stepped into his predicament as a leper (2nd kings 5:1-14). It was the Israelite girl in his house who directed him to prophet Elisha that gave the connection that freed him from the age long leprosy. Prophets are the agent of God sent to man to act at the time of adversty. Revelation was given to Abraham when he had no child. Read (Genesis 15:4-18). God sealed it up with a covenant just as it is for me and you. Abram partially believed in God hence he looked at his age and that of his wife, Sarah. There must be some elements of doubt in the world. You can make your decision, but you cannot decide the consequences. Beloved, four hundred and thirty years, the children of Israel were in captivity, but when God stepped in, they all moved out of Egypt. So also it is to those whose hope is dwindling now. No matter how long your troubles or challenges, your meditation to this word of God as defined by His prophet, you shall be free in Jesus Name. The problem of most people is that they do not know what to do. In the case of the widow of the sons of the prophet Elisha, in 2nd kings 4:1-7, the creditors who lend her late husband money with her only two sons as surety came with a notice to intimate her of their coming to collect her sons who were hope and her strength. Though she was troubled in her spirit, she knew where to go. She thought of it deeply and in the next morning,m she went to see prophet Elisha. To her surprise, a funny question came from the man of God, “what do you have in the house”? She was courageous enough to answer the man of God precisely. God is about to do something great with whatever you already have now in Jesus Name. As i have said, it takes courage to bring transformation. Note that until you are transformed, you cannot transform people.

Brethren, reason is that God does not want His glory to go to any man. What provoked God’s action was because widow was in the spirit and Elisha was also in the spirit. What made people to trivialize matters is canal mindedness. Apostle Paul declared in Galatias 5:16… Walk in the spirit. The success of this widow was that she did not see her neighbours as her enemies, neither did she see Elisha as a selfish man who did not want to help matters. Think this, where did she see the vessels to borrow? she went to the man of God because of what her late husband borrowed and again the man of God also directed her again to go and borrow empty vessels from her neighbours whom she was scared to relay her problem to. Her good neighbourhood also accelerated her journey, she did not hesitate. She moved and did exactly as she was instructed. Your lesson here is that you must build a rich relationship. Let this church be an embodiment of love. Recieve all that come your way.

God bless you. The need to consistently bring our correct tithe of 10% has been stressed. It is God’s channels for lifting you up.