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SUNDAY SCHOOL 8th of may 2016


BIBLE TEXTS: 1st SAMUEL 9:1-19, 10:1-14


MEMORY VERSE: Ezekiel 44:30 The best of all firstfruits of any kind, and every sacrifice of any kind from all your sacrifices, shall be the priest’s; also also you shall give to the priest the first of your ground meal, to cause cause a blessing to rest on your house.

Introduction: Brethren, it has been my word that prophet is your destiny because he is God’s agent sent to whoever that can recieve him and care for him to provoke God in his/her intervention (Matthew 10:40-42; 2nd Chronicles 20:20-26, etc. It is your prophet that carries your oil (1st Samuel 16:12-14, 10:1-14). At a time God wanted to anoint a king over Israel. He sent a prophet to the house o jesse who was God’s pastor. This man jesse paraded all his sons except one. Man’s perception and assessment failed. When God dericted Samuel not to look at outward but the heart, the prophet had to sit tight to watch keenly on who the king might be. You know the rest of the story. It takes courage to hear the voice of God and obey.

When God stepped in, David was remembered , though he was in the wilderness taking care of his father’s flocks. He was brought to the house to be made a king even when his father was not one and David was never his father’s heir apparent, but he was the choice of God because of his godly deeds( 1st peter 3:13; proverbs16:7; job30:11&12.).

Beloved, Christianity is not in letters, but in your deeds. Peter hired two friends on wages over night because of what he needed to do and celebrate inhis house. The mother in-law had already arrived. Peter, with his labourers toiled over all the night. Failing to catch fish, notwithstanding, peter neither destroyed his net because of the disfavor nor threw them away. He advised his labourers to settle down and pick the net. As peter was doing that, Jesus stepped into his boat, do yourself a favour and pull out to the deeper side of the sea’. Peter answered, we had moved all around the sea without any catch. Nevertheless, at your word, i will do all you have said ( Luke 5:1-10). That was what settled peter’s bankruptcy. Peter beckoned on his friends that were probably mocking him. When they came with their pressures, their boat was about to break. Peter was terrified and was scared of the events. None of the fish escaped from the net. Then Jesus said, hence you shall catch men. When God stepped into your troubles, your stars will arise and only the wise men will search for you. Jesus is a role model of what a believer should be. He said we are the salt of the earth. Salt never carries a different colour in a meal.

The story of the blind man was another case study (Mark 10:46-52). He was called blind bartimaeus from birth. But a day came he heard a noise. In his enquiry, he was told that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by to jericho. He could not wait for anybody. He shouted in a loud voice. Watch out for the continuation of this lesson.

God bless you. The need to consistently bring our correct tithe of 1o% has been stressed. It is God’s channels for lifting you up.