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The Spiritual Leader of Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc headquarters Benin City has urged the believers in Christ Jesus to awake to their responsibility and take their rightful position by PROTECTING their seats not to be empty. He noted that, the Earth was created to be the Colony of Heaven, hence Jesus said, in His Prayer in (Matthew 6:10). Let God’s Will be done on Earth as it’s in Heaven, with the MAN created with God’s image and Likeness to take dominion, multiply, and replenish the Earth. Prophet Sunday Okpere emphasised on the Scripture he quoted Copiously in the Old and new Testaments, in Genesis 1:26-28, Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Proverbs 29: 2,& 18, Ezekiel 22:30 & 31, and Romans 8:29. said, the Children of God are SEEDS of GOD and therefore are expected to make the right decisions and wise Choices in homes, Communities, and the government.


The Clerics Stated that, Jesus Christ wants His Children to make right Choices by Following Him, they will become Greatest Leaders in the Whole Universe. He noted that, the global Challenges in all ramifications, could be the Parables of Jesus Christ in Like 6:39… The blind leading the blinds. Which is an indication that, the seat of God’s expected MAN could be Empty. He Admonished the Believers of Christ Jesus to avoid the temptations that will make their seats to be EMPTY. The Prophet remarked that, The greatest Tragedies that can happen to any Man is not death but when His seat of ability, decisions, authority, Choices, which is the symbol of HEAD in his house, community, field, City, is missing.


Highlights of the service was the DHM Men mass Choir Special Songs, the Lecture on the Theme taken in a Special English by Gloria Okefe Ozigbo. With the Special Thanksgiving by the Men on the Successful 2021 convention.


Rev. Prophet DR. S.V.O Okpere JPSpiritual Leader/ Founder DHM

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