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This was the message preached on Sunday by Rev prophet Dr S. V. O Okpere (JP) at Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc headquarters Benin City. Addressing the Congregation during the Mission’s festival of nine Lessons and carols with Special Christmas gifts for the widows, tasked believers in Christ Jesus to take up the tasked, God Almighty has sent His only begotten son and transform the Earth as expected from whoever that believes in Jesus Christ. The Spiritual Leader noted, that, Our Lord Jesus Christ came for a mission which is to transform the Earth God has designed to be the colony of Heaven.




Prophet Sunday Okpere who supported his message with the Scripture he took in Genesis 1:26–28, Psalm 37:9–25, John 1:29–34, Colossians 1:10. Noted that, Jesus Christ’s mission was visible to John, His fore-runner, hence, on sighting Him, declared” Behold the Lamb of God. The Clerics stated that God, our Father has qualified us to be partakers of His inheritance, and because of this, He wants us to Walk Worthy of our calling, bearing fruits in every good good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. He admonished believers in Christ to shun all forms of titles, but to convert the true virtues of our Lord Jesus Christ which is Meekness, promoting brotherly kindness to your neighborhood without sentiments.






First Reading of DHM Festival of 9LESSONS & carols taken by by Rev Mother Ebuwa S. V. O Okpere (JP).



Bishop Sam. Akengbowa of COVENANT family ministry U.S.A ministry during the DHM 2022 festival of 9LESSONS & carols



Widows Christmas gifts Presentation by Rev. Prophet Dr. S. V. O Okpere (JP) during Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc. Headquarters festival of 9LESSONS &Carols


Highlights of the service was, Prophetic declarations for peace to return to our Nation Nigeria. Nine Lessons Carols that highlights how our Lord Jesus Christ was born and His Mission on Earth. Santa Claus parade with a lots of gifts, Window Special Christmas gifts of cash, bags of rice, rappers and tubas of yam etc by The Spiritual Leader. Meanwhile: CHRISTMAS special worship will hold on Sunday 25th in all DHM branches and Headquarters schedule to hold by 7am–10am. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. 


REV. PROPHET DR SVO OKPERE JPSpiritual Leader/Founder DHM Worldwide

I have the pleasure to welcome you to Deliverance Holy Mission. Our mission is to raise people for the kingdom of God through Christian activities like Evangelism, Teaching and Deliverance.