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Theme: Use Your Discouragement To Encourage Yourself And Move On


Text:  Deut. 31:6-8; 1st Samuel 30:6-8; Luke 5:1-11; James 1:2-8





Dearly beloved, I begin this special lecture on this special Sunday destined for DHM members who are part of this 2021 Women Convention with gratitude to God Almighty for His awesome good deeds in our lives. As you are part of this event, I advice that you listen to your take home special package and give your ears to the word as King Solomon once counseled us all. Read Proverb 4:1-4. God cannot use a discouraged servant. The place you are going may even be worse. If you read 1st Samuel 30:1-8, David and his friends went together to near-by community to enjoy themselves. When they returned, what they saw frightened them and they were all discouraged and they planned to stone David. David consulted God to know what to do. He encouraged himself and encouraged the pastors or prophets not to run away or start to move from place to place. As a true Christian, we must overcome such attitude of turning back from our former faith where we testified and vowed to remain till the end. As it was in the case of Elisha and his mentor.


Read 2nd Kings 2:1-15. He fulfilled his vows and got what he needed. Apostle Paul counseled the Hebrews believers in Hebrews 10:30-38 that we should stop complaining. God cannot use a discouraged servant. Let us confess our mouth that our God is able (Revelations 12:11).

It is when we plant evil seed, we must also harvest evil (Luke6:45). In that case, let us check what the scripture says about us…. (Philippians 4:13) “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me”. Out of twelve spies Moses went to investigate the Promise Land, only two who were courageous enough could confess boldly (Numbers 13:30-33). It takes boldness to still those who are to discourage us and move forward in the things of life(1st Timothy 1:1-20). Note verse 14. God warned Timothy not to take any step backward. The truth is that when we are facing persecution, it is for our learning and to be mature(James 1:2-8, James 4:7-17). We are not in Heaven. Something must touch us to even hurt us. But be courageous to resist all. When God gives enablement, He gives you everything. While you feel like giving up when facing persecution. remember God. Besides, Apostle Paul said…(2nd Corinthians4:17 & 18).

Beloved, if we consider what we stand to gain ahead, what we pass through is light affliction. The beauty of our journey of life is that something must punch us. If the journey is too smooth and easy, no one will value what God is doing in our lives. This can also mean that the beauty of our journey of life is that something must be there to test our faith. Your challenges are there to move you forward. Let your challenges produce a sense of being committed to God. Let our challenges produce our sense of dependence of God only. Let your prayer be “Oh God, I cannot get along without you”.


If you are challenged and you cannot look up to God, just understand you are very close to the grave (Matthew 14:23-32; Mark 4:35-41). Peter was courageous enough to look up to Jesus and stepped into the waters. But when he ceased to look up to Jesus, he started to sink in the same oceans of life. So it is to everyone. Your challenges may look very strong but look up to God.

You will get out of it. Just as you always hear me say, I chose not to be broke or live in poverty, hence i have chosen to live a life that will be pleasing to God and beneficial to all men without sentiments. If this be our culture, nothing in this world can discourage us. Apostle Paul said…. Romans 8:29-39. Always realize that this world is not our home. We are in unsteady world. When your situation reminds you of God, it means your promotion is coming (Luke 5:1-11; Matthew 4:19-22, 6:27-34). When you do not know what to do, look up to God as David did (1st Samuel 30:6-8); Deut. 31:5-8). Moses also told Joshua to be strong and be courageous.

Beloved, the truth is that they are lots of discouragements in this world, but never you walk on them. Walk on the vibration of the unsteady ground (Matthew10:1; Isaiah 43:1 & 2, 41:10). False accusation are all unclean spirits. Those that will fail are those whose situations never reminds them of God. As for you, you must depend on God always in ALL WAYS. Your situation suggests that you need God more (James 1:1-8).Those who put there trust on God has no limitation (Jeremiah 33:3, 17:7 &8). Jesus counseled us all in John 14:1&2. I have gone through the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelations, there is no place I ever come across a word that God cannot do this or that. He said, ‘I am God, I change not’ (Malachi3:6).


Let us learn how to be hearers and doers( James 1:22-25) and then we will be at the platform of victory over adversities and droughts of this world.

Note Joshua 1:9. There are times when we are so overwhelmed by our challenges that the voice of God does not mean much to us. So much that we hear ” let us go to church” it will be a problem to them. Joshua found himself in such a situation when Moses died and passed on the baton of leadership to him. He mourned Moses bitterly and felt the absence of Moses strongly. He even forgot that God was with him. Even in verse 8, God encouraged him and he still could not move forward until God came to him again and gave him all the encouragements and support that he needed. That could also mean that when you are faced with tough battles, let your challenges remind you of God and then you will move forward (Isiah 41:10).


Finally, my beloved, God want you to put an end to all manners of fear. If your fear is comin from hearing stories about death, stop listening to stories about death and be courageous. Put your faith in the word of God (Romans 10:10-17) has it that we must meditate in the word of God and confess positive things.


To God be the glory. I thank God for the successful Women Convention. My Prayers for all of you is to work in love and forsake not the assembling of yourselves. Resume normal Tuesday Women Fellowships to pray together and share thoughts together. Visit yourselves, especially those who are passing through stress. ‘DHM, Grace to End Well’. I wish you safe journey to your various destinations in Jesus Name. Amen.



DHM Spiritual Leader & Founder


REV. PROPHET DR. S.V.O. OKPERE, JPDHM Spiritual Leader & Founder

Living the life that is pleasing to God and beneficial to humanity without sentiments.