Classical Prophecies For The Year 2023

Classical Prophecies For The Year 2023

Prophetic Utterance For The Nations


1)  Edo State needs prayers to avert coming internal crisis that may affect the unity of the TEAM. They should hold unto their faith on the party they believe in and raise up a trusted successor, otherwise they may allow a total political show down, gross insubordination among the leaders – tussle upon tussle. Prayers are needed for them to be able to complete their tenure in peace and not in pieces.



2)  Nigerians, especially the Christian leaders are to pray fervently at the first seven days of 2023 for a peaceful election and to avert a replay of what happened in 1993 instead of handing over to the rightful winners without sentiments or trouble or political affiliations, tribes or religion just to settle the mother of all protests that has never happened in the history of this nation or in West Africa. In fact, this nation Nigeria needs serious prayers and conscious watch, because there will be too much killings, assassination of top politicians across the nation. It will be more in the far north and middle belt and South Eastern part of the nation. This pandemonium may see the former President Goodluck Jonathan to return to Aso Rock as the head of interim national Government for two years to bring peace and restore normalcy before another election. One of the popular presidential candidates will survive two major assassination attacks where many people will be killed. They should fortify his security. All the attempts are to truncate the elections to end inconclusively. More INEC offices will be raised down by fire across the nation. It will look as if the opponent’s strategy is to disfranchise people from partaking in the election. Also, most importantly, ballot papers are to be well protected. Some of the strategies are to ensure the strong-hold of the opponent is brought down. If it is allowed to go that way, the nation will not know peace nor get settled at all. Prayers and caution are needed.


3)  Election and Government are more of the spiritual realm as it is in the physical conduct. Until is done and agreed in the spirit world, nothing will be positive here on earth (Psalm 127:2). Prophet Sunday Okpere has predicted a keenly contested race between the three leading candidates: Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP), Bola Tinubu of All Progressive Congress (APC and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2023. Prophet Okpere’s prediction of 2021/2022 pointed to Peter Obi as the winner in the coming election. That you can find in page 3 column 7 and page 4 column 13. They are for your perusal. Analyzing age chances of the three leading candidates, the prophet said that he saw a massive protest either Atiku, Tinubu or Obi or even Kwankwaso. Any one of the them must pray against any major massive protest that is a mother of ENDSARS. Pray for God’s divine intervention. On their chances in the forthcoming election, the controversial Cleric said that Peter Obi would spring up surprises in some states but he did not see him wining Lagos, which he termed as Tinubu’s strong hold. There are states where both the APC , Labour Pary cannot be brushed aside in Lagos and may spring up surprise in some areas. Lagos is for APC and PDP. Anambra is to be shared between PDP and Labour Party. In Kwara, is is between APC and PDP, but PDP may spring a surprise in Kwara except APC sits up. APC should not under-rate Bukola Saraki now because what PDP is doing in Kwara in terms of mobilization is what APC had done before to win the state. In Osun, it is between APC and PDP. I do not see the Labour Party in the equation. I do not see Kwankwaso’s NNPP making any progress. He is just wasting his money and energy. He can only get a few National Assembly members and may be Local Government Chairmen. In Oyo, it is between APC and PDP; Ekiti is for PDP and APC. Enugu is for Labour Party and PDP; Abia will be shared between the Labour Party and PDP. Ebonyi is for APC, PDP and Labour Party. Cross

River is for PDP, APC and Labour Party. Adamawa is for PDP and APC. Kano is for PDP and APC. Niger is between PDP and APC. Kaduna, Sokoto Kebbi, Nasarawa and Jigawa are for PDP and APC. FCT is between APC, PDP and Labour Party. Taraba is between PDP and APC. Ondo is between PDP and APC. Benue is between APC and PDP. Bayelsa is between Labour Party and PDP. Delta is between APC PDP and Labour Party. Akwa Ibom is between Labour and PDP, Rev. Proph. Dr. S.V.O. Okpere, JP disclosed.

The man of God recently revealed the location of the general elections between each of the main political parties that would take place. The prophet stressed further and emphasized that the parties involved in the disputed states of Katisna, Abuja, Kaduna, Yobe and Imo. He noted that the Labour Party and PDP are running against each other in Katsina while the PDP is up against the APC in Abuja. Yobe is divided between the APC and PDP. Imo State will be won by either the Labour Party or the PDP. The Labour Party and PDP will clash in Rivers State. I know what I have done. Pray for France and Germany not to have worse crises like the current Russia and Ukraine soonest.




4)   Prophet Sunday V. O. Okpere, JP sends message go Viadimir Putin, the former president of Russia. A Russia politician and former intelligence Officer who has served as the president of Russia since 2012, having previously served between 2000 and 2008. While speaking, the clerics said that it is not only Ukraine that Putin is planning to attack. He even plans to attack some neighbouring countries. Speaking further, he said that Russia will receive a very terrible attack and it is going to be a very challenging one. Poland and Croatia should also be very careful of unexpected nuclear attacks, the prophet said.



5)   Prophet Sunday Okpere unequivocally stated that the next president is frequently predicted to come from the South East, but according to Prophet Okpere, this won’t be possible given the current situation. He also urged the supporters of the Labour Party Presidential candidate,

Mr. Peter Obi to pray against any attack on him. In all, it is for the Igbos, but if you base your decision on that this time, it will fail. God will assist us in choosing the next president whether he is from the North, South or East and that is what we need right now. He added that Peter Obi keeps in mind that the Lord has declared that no attack from a man can prevail against him because he clearly sees God’s hand is at work in his life. God told me and I can say this certainty that no one can harm Tinubu or Atiku and no attempt to do so will succeed. My concern is for their supporters – APC, PDP and Labour Party – to pray for them so that no man can hurt them.

Religious leaders are tasked to intensify in prayers for a better Nigeria. According to the Elect of God, Rev. Prophet, Dr. S.V.O. Okpere, JP, God has revealed to him that He has heard the prayers of Nigerians and has also seen the hardship, occasioned by the severe draughts and adversities in the land and He decided to answer the prayers of Nigerians in the year 2023. The prophet said that the nation will witness a turn-around in the nation’s economy for a better Nigeria between six to eight months from the inauguration of the in-coming president, irrespective of the political party. He added that it will happen not to the credit of the man that would be elected or by the experience of the incoming president, but by the intervention of God. Nigerians would experience a relief from the six months i.e. before the last quarter of 2023. My candid counsel to the electorates is to consider the Nigeria they would want to be and the future of the children between now and forty (40) years to come and vote for progression and not retrogression. Vote your conscience.



6)  The election will hold, but what will happen before then will be horrible, especially on the destruction of the INEC offices, election materials, etc. Prayer is needed for protection of lives and properties. Ad-hoc staff are recruited already to compile the voters cards, storing the names and on each cards on their phones, mainly in the South,

which is one of the strategies for them to ring the coming elections. Everybody should be on the watch and act fast.




7)   Prophet Okpere called on Nigerians to pray to God to choose the candidate for the country come 2023 presidential election. He stressed further that if by mistake, Nigerians vote the wrong candidate in the forthcoming presidential election, a bag of foreign rice and other essential commodities in our nation will be beyond the reach of an ordinary Nigerian. Diesel might go up as high as N1,500/litre if we vote the wrong candidate. Let us avoid money politics and consider the future of our children while making the choice of who to be voted for.



8)  A sitting Governor will be attacked and there will be a crack in the APC. He added that many prominent APC top politicians may defect to one of the three leading political parties before the elections. Though the ruling political party has perfected strategies to rig and win the election in form of robbery, prayer will make them not be able to perfect their enterprise in Jesus Name. Amen.




9)  The Elect of God, Prophet S.V.O. Okpere hereby send a note of warning to the president of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir ahead of the 2024 presidential election coming up in the country. The prophet noted that Kiir is a good candidate to take the country forward, but there will be serious gang ups against his ambition. This man of God prophesied the annulment of the presidential election of Chief M.K.O. Abiola that he would not be allowed to rule as the president of Nigeria in 1993. He further revealed that June 12 would remain indelible in the nation’s history due to the troubles and the killing of the presidential candidate of SDP and sent warning note to the presidential candidate to drop his ambition till about six years to come, but he did not listen and all came to pass.





10)  He also said that the APC presidential candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu would be rejected by those he trusted in the north. He should therefore be careful for his allies will throw him out before the election

in January, 2023. The prophet further advised the old man to take care of his health because of the stress associated with presidential campaign. He would have chosen the part of god-father as king maker rather than to come to the field to play the game by himself. Further, he said, God is involved in the fast-coming 2023 election; nothing any man can do to thwart it. God will disappoint the devices of the crafty, so that their hands will not perform their enterprises.





11)  Prayer for Anambra State to avert future killing sponsored by the opposition to make the state ungovernable. More horrible plots are going on against the Anambra State. Governor Soludo may not find things easy.





12)  Edo State will lose great persons again in 2023. Pray for a spiritual leader of a popular church who has received several attacks not to be killed by assassinations. The evil conspirators will fail in Jesus Name. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.




13)  I foresee a deputy governor of a state attacked and it will take the grace of God to escape the assassins in his own constituency. But the grass and trees will suffer in the plans of assassin. This is likened to what happened at Warrake road sometimes ago where many people died. Pray it will not happen at the northern parts of a state. Pray for God to disappoint the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot perform their enterprises. Better the deputy governor settle and reconcile with his master heartily. He has enemies in the north, central and southern part of the state.





14)  Funny enough, APC will reject election results in many northern states as most of the northern states voted against APC due to their reactions which is best known to them. And they insisted on heading to court to slut it out. Too many rejections of votes and if care is not taken, there will be gross challenges in his own state, Lagos State. Pray for peaceful election across the nation. Nigerians are to pray that the Covid that has been forgotten will not resurface soon in 2023.






15)  I foresee that Covid has resurfaced in the land. Nigerians are to be careful on the journey they will make in year 2023/2024, not to influence sickness into the country. The Covid vaccines are not reliable. Prayers are needed for God’s intervention.





16)  The prophet claimed that God had spoken to him that it is likely that INEC might change the proposed date of February 25th, 2023. If the date is postponed, pray God to frustrate their evil plan to manipulate the results. However, let the date be according to how the elections will be in favour of the electorates. Reason for the change seems to be that some religious won’t be able to hold election if the date is not changed. Few things may be postponed.





17)   What God showed to me would happen six months after the next president assumes office. Throughout the year leading to the presidential election in 2023, God has been communicating with me by way of prophetic revelations. They are led by the spirit in the manner in which they convey the messages. The Spiritual Leader, Prophet Sunday Okpere recently prophesied that the Lord revealed to him what God has revealed to him about the events that will take place six months after the inauguration of the new president. The religious leader was heard saying “mark the date of today and share it somewhere so that when it happens, you will know that I serve the living God.” While I was sitting meditating, God revealed to me what will take place half a year after the in-coming president takes office. God spoke to me and informed me that there will be significant change in the country and that He will hear our cries for change within the first six months following the inauguration of the in-coming president. God has revealed to me that everything will turn out for the best. The man of God further revealed what God showed him would happen in 2023 election from last quarter in 2023. He stated that God revealed many things about the 2023 presidential election and what Nigerians should do while I was in a trance this morning. He stressed further that God also revealed to him, the locations where some young people fight

because of the election. People fled for safety as some electoral materials were destroyed and there was gunfire in the polling places. Things would change in year 2024 by His Grace. The prophet said.





18)  Edo State will again lose great persons whose burial ceremonies will attract world leaders. Pray for God mercies for them. Among them will include top gospeller and business man/philanthropist. May God have mercy upon them.





19)  Nigerians, let us arise and build our nation for posterity to inherit. Builders are people of legacy. Let us think of the nation we will leave behind for our up-coming children in the years to come. His words ‘BAD SYSTEM’ does not appear wrong to those who benefit from it. They do everything to defend it to the detriment of the larger society. He added that the secret of greatness is in your willingness to do what is good and pleasing to God and beneficial to humanity without sentiments. Let us take the step our Lord Jesus Christ has set before us. Many Nigerians have dropped their vision to move the country forward and have cleaved to material wealth. This vision of progressive nation has since been out of the nation, hence visioneers are not recognized any more. A mental picture of a preferable future has been lost. God Almighty is the Lord that will not fail His promise.





20)   Pray against insecurity that may bring about dead-lock in most states in Nigeria, especially in South East and Southern Nigeria that may cause Federal Government to declare the affected states state-of- emergency. Protest upon protests occasioned by the lingering errors that arose from election malpractices not in favour of the electorates.






21)  The prophet stated that a lot will happen in 2023 which will really affect world leaders especially issues like economy, instability, insecurity, health related problems and climate change just as it was in the out-going year when most countries were complaining of hardship and cost of living. This will affect African countries and Nigeria in

particular and part of European countries. These are issues that will affect countries internally and externally.



22)  Australian needs prayer to avert worse national disaster that may claim many lives than ever. I also see top world leaders that will join their ancestors of which one will come from West African countries. His death will shake the world.





23)   The proph. said that Judgement is this. Luxury living and lies have made maintenance cost, but truth and simplicity are self-maintained without any cost. The world should be ready to face their consequences.





24)  Democracy is built on the equality of all. Are we equal today. Jesus Christ came to make us all who believe in Him to be equal to Him. A man is not glorified when he lives in sin. A woman is a taboo but Christ shows that we should refrain from all form of partialities, so also in the body of Jesus Christ today. Many focused on materialism and wealth just to get crowd. They are making waves but denied them of the kingdom of Heaven. Now is the judgement days. The wrath of God is coming down to descend upon the children of disobedient (Deuteronomy 28:47 38).





25)  The G-5 governors led by the Rivers State Governor, Nyson Wike should calm down and retrieve their mission steps so as to be relevance in the nation’s politics or else their political careers may be dented, if the cause they are fighting failed them.





26)  Religious leaders should separate themselves from politicking and allow the antecedent of the candidates to speak for them. Religious sentiment is one of the reasons the nation is backward. This has deprived people with merit to govern the nation. The god-fathers should be totally abolished if the nation must move forward. It deters good governance and proper development. Nigeria needs to reformat her ideas if she must expect good governance. The truth is that

everyone in the country is bias. No one is ready to speak the truth, either because of tribe, political affiliation, religious inclination, etc. My candid counsel to Nigerians is to format their ideas for the sake of the future generations. God has promised to divinely settle the faithful ones in 2023. Let us draw nearer to the truth and be committed to practicing what we believe. Let us arise and build our nation for posterity to inherit.

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