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2021/2022 CROSS-OVER NIGHT: 31ST DEC. 2021/1st JAN. 2022




It may interest you to know that countless predictions from this voice of God since 1993 have all come to pass to the admiration of all. It was by the intervention of God through fervent prayers of the faithful Nigerians, including Rev. Prophet Dr. S.V.O. Okpere, JP with his committed intercessors leading the congregation for 30 days Concealment Period and 21 days Liberation Period respectively plus other special periods and daily morning of grace that have kept the nation to where she is today. Note what Apostle James said here (James 5:16B). We are committed to praying for our Local Governments, States and the Nation according to Apostle Paul’s charge to the believers in Christ Jesus. Read Romans 13:1 – 8; 1st Timothy 2:1 – 6. You will agree with me that this type of intercession has helped our nation even to sustain the life of our President, etc. The truth is that the prayers of Christians have since been answered by God. The problem left is mainly sincere participation in politics. Without active participation, just like the other religions, the elections will always go same direction. Christians are more in number, but 2they are busy crying wolves without election card. This is the reason the democracy in the nation is in siege. For the nation’s democracy to be truly independent, all Christian leaders should mobilize their congregation to register, keep their PVC cards, go out and elect whoever they believe can lead, not rule them. This is not by prayers only, but by participation. Faith without work is dead (James 2:18 – 26). Until democracy is fully independent, there will be no good governance. Religious leaders should totally separate themselves from politicking and allow the antecedent speak for every aspirant. Religious sentiment is one of the reasons the nation is backward. This has deprived people with merit to govern the nation in all facets of the government offices. The nation’s elections have either been in the favour of those available to share without the interest of the electorates or good governance. The godfathers should be totally abolished if the nation must move forward. It deters good governance and proper development. Nigeria needs to reformat her ideas if she must expect good governance. The truth is that everyone in the country is bias. No one is ready to speak the truth, either because of tribe, political affiliation, religious inclination, sentiment, etc. My candid counsel to Nigerians is to let Nigerians format their ideas for the sake of the future generations. God has promised to divinely settle the faithful ones in 2022. Let us draw nearer to the truth and be committed to practicing what we believe. A life without God is the life without good.




  1. Edo State needs prayers against two elephants fighting that might make the TEAM that has been winning to disintegrate. That may allow a total political show down; gross insubordination among the leaders – tussles upon tussles. Who did not want to speak may be forced to speak out. Prayers are needed for them to be able to complete their tenure in peace, not in pieces.
  2. Bombing may be reenacted in Nigeria from the North to the South East. Blood bath in Benue axis. Prayer for Governor Otom to end well, not with incapacitation.
  3. Another greater protest is coming in 2022. It may seize President Buhari Government for at least four hours.
  4. Let us pray not to lose a sitting Commissioner of Police and AIG. Nigeria Police, Army will go on strike in 2022.
  5. 2021 was bad, but 2022 and 2023 may be worse. Prayer against near revolution that may make heads roll.
  6. Prayer for Anambra State to avert more killings sponsored by the opposition to make the newly elected governor, Soludo’s administration ungovernable. It will be liken to the era of Governor Ingige. Battles upon battles, but at the end, the sported enemy will get tired.
  7. Someone not popular in politics from the South East would have emerged as the nation’s president if they can speak with one voice and if the nation will remain as one – just to settle conflict or else the nation may disintegrate without that.
  8. Strange occurrences will happen in Ogun State of Nigeria that will make the Governor to run helter-skelter in 2022.
  9. Aisha Buhari may be bereaved in 2022.
  10. Even the Osun State Governorship election, the Clergy man noted that the All Progressive Congress will lose out, if the Governor Adegboyega Oyelola fail to reconcile themselves.
  11. The prophet said that just like what happened to the former Governor of Ekiti State, Peter Fayose, who brought in a candidate who was not familiar with the his people, same thing will happen to the incumbent Governor Kayode Fayemi because he will not pick a popular candidate.
  12. A sitting Governor will be attacked and there will be a crack in the APC. He added that the party would not hold its national convention as scheduled by President Burari. He repeatedly stated that former Governor of Lagos State and the national leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Amhed Tinubu should not waste their money, strength and energy on preparing for the 2023 polls.
  13. Nigeria’s President in the forthcoming 2023 general elections has been revealed in 2021 prediction by Rev. Prophet, Dr. S.V.O. Okpere, JP as to how the election would go. The prophet revealed that the next president of Nigeria is not an old person and not someone who is not too young as well. He further explained that Nigeria’s next president is one who is free from scandal as shown to him by God. While making his prophetic revelations, the man of God referred to some politicians who are likely to join the presidential race. He further stressed that national plan of rotational presidency would not work in Nigeria, but who is able to fix our nation, irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation should be considered and agreed upon. The Northernans will be divided while South Eastern states will be very weak and divided without speaking with one voice. But, if PDP must win election into the presidency, its members must not feature Atiku Abubakar. He will never win elections. The present Vice President Osinbajo is very fit to be the president of Nigeria, but APC may not win the election.
  14. Let us pray against explosion in the world at large, including countries like Spain, Italy, France, Serra Leone, Senegal and Madagaskar.
  15. Many countries like France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and Germany will experience flooding and even some countries will also experience earthquake.
  16. I foresee that the government will do all within her power to bring sanity into the system, yet the Nigeria economy will still remain unhealthy and will be trouble=shooting. The country will be unstable in terms of insecurity and political tussles. Let us not work with the agitation of rotational which will not give Nigerians what they want. Nigeria wants good leaders. This will be someone who is ready to sacrifice so many things for the country.
  17. There will be a lot that will surround who will become the next president of Nigeria. He must have a clean bill of health from scandals. The Igbos will find it difficult and tough. They will come up with propaganda in order to keep them in the race.
  18. The prophet stated that a lot will happen in 2022 which will really affect world leaders. I foresee issues like economy instability, insecurity, health related problems and climate change arising. I foresee that in 2022, some countries of the world, especially African countries and Nigeria in particular, will have so much to contend with. These are issues that will affect countries internally and externally.
  19. The spirit of God revealed to me that we are going to have almost half of the year that will not be palatable in some parts of the world, the African continent and Nigeria.
  20. Almost half of the year 2022 in Nigeria and African will be terrible because Corona-virus upsurge will take another dimension. The spirit of God says that strong wind will cause destruction in different parts of the world and in Nigeria. I foresee that there will be a new disease that will surface in the world whereby Corona-virus will be regarded as mere fever just like HIV, Ebola and Lasa-fever. It is not natural just as I have said earlier. God wants the world to know that He is still in charge. If it is natural, it would not have covered the earth. It would have been restricted to weather or climate – winter or summer.
  21. I foresee two top footballers, musicians and a boxer passing away in the world. I also foresee the death of a renowned world leader in the field of writers. In all, God said we should pray to avert all these negativities in the year 2022. 6Also to be prayed against is the presidential jet crash that may happen during the third quarter of 2022 – country not clear.
  22. The fourth Covid-19 wave will affect the United States of America and the United Kingdom and some other countries will have partial lock-down. Hoodwink lobotomize Edo State will again lose great persons whose burial ceremonies will attract top world leaders. Pray for God’s mercies for them. Among them will include top Gospelers and business magnet.                  Nigerians, let us arise and build our nation for posterity to inherit. Builders are people of legacy. His words, ‘Bad system does not appear wrong to those who benefit from it. They do everything to defend it to the detriment of the larger society.
  23. The prophet has released shocking news about the lingering corona virus or pandemics that is ravaging the world. Noting that it is not natural. He said God has decided to show to the global world that He is still in control and watching. Hence He gave the earth His signs on how judgement would be done. He said that greater number of people will be dying like what can be described as the era of Holocaust. The prophet stressed further that if the Covid is natural, it would have affected only the countries of same climates and weather. As it happened in China, it would have died there and would not have survived in countries of other temperature. This, he said, is a clarion call to people who are still living in sin to repent and return to God in humility. The prophet said that the people can now believe that the world is living deep in sin worse than the Sodom and Gomorrah eta which God destroyed with fire. If not for God’s reenactment of His covenant that He would not again curse the ground any more for men’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from the youth. ‘Neither will I smite any more, everything living as I have done’ (Genesis 8:21). Hence the ugly phenomena called pandemics, bandits and other crimes. Until 1998 when God confirmed He has answered the prayers of the religious leaders in Nigeria all these strange happenings have not aggravated to where we are today. Remember Jesus Christ spoke about these happenings of today to His disciples in Mount of Olive. Read Matthew 24:3 – 8. Note verse 8. See that you are not alarmed. The happenings are the beginning of sorrows. Christians should note that they will not be spared. This is the high time for us all to be in one mission with Jesus Christ. Read from verse 9 – 13. But he that endures to the end shall be saved. Worse pandemics and deaths will persist from second quarter of 2022. Let us pray more as it is in 2nd Chronicles 7:14. While we pray, let the Christians take their position in the headship. Until this is done, there will be no peace. For the reality of this, let the church leaders mobilize their congregation to be deeply involved in politics – to elect and be elected. Democracy believes in majority. Let us work on our minds (Romans 12:2; Proverbs 29:2 & 18). Enough of talks, complaints, watching those we condemn now occupy the head while we Christians look (Deut. 28:13 – 14). Let us get out of our father’s land, the land of complaining (Genesis 12:1 – 4). This is vision and vision is progressive. Lack of it is retrogression. A mental picture of a preferable future. God Almighty is the Lord that will not fail His Promise. It seemed as If our fellow Christians or our communities or relatives have abandoned us; the truth is that “No person has abandoned you, except your imagination (Isaiah 41:10). God said that He has not abandoned us (Proverbs 28:13). Whoever that covered his/her sins shall not prosper. Until you confess it, you will not have mercy of God. The secret of greatness is in your willingness to do what is good and pleasing to God and beneficial to humanity without sentiments. Let us take the steps our Lord Jesus Christ has set before us. Democracy is built on the equality of all. Are we equal today? (Galatians 3:26 & 27). Jesus Christ came to make us all who believe in Him to be equal to Him (John 8:1 – 11). A man is not glorified when he lives in sin. A woman is a taboo, but Christ shows that we should refrain from partiality; so also in the body of Jesus Christ today. Many focused on materialism and wealth just to get crowd. They are making waves, but denied them of the kingdom of Heaven. Now is the judgement days. The wrath of God is coming down to descend upon the children of disobedient (Deut. 28:47 & 48). The judgement is this: Luxury living and lies have huge maintenance costs, but truth and simplicity are self maintained without any cost. The world should be ready to face their consequences.
  24. Edo State may have insecurity that will end up in deadlock in 2022 thereby declaring it a state of emergency. Protests upon protects occasioned by the lingering error that arises from the immediate past administration. The Governor, Godwin Obaseki should fix Edo governance in favour of the marginalized constituencies. The battles may attract Federal Government attention. Two wrongs can never make any right.
  25. Pray to avert reoccurrence of fight that may destroy government properties. These are sponsored protests, arsons in the state.
  26. Bandits in Edo State, killings will be on the high side in 2022 – 2023.I see people running helter-skelter again in 2022. Pray for Ogun State Governor. Confusion everywhere. Two governors may escape assassination. Pray and caution them to be careful. The prophet stressed further that he saw confusion in the land, churches being attacked and destroyed much more than ever before. The carried over tussles may not survive the coming battles. This may seize President Buhari’s Government for at least four hours.
  27. Economic hard-times await Nigerians. Our currency will fall beyond real cash. It will be in its worse proportion that will reduce our currency down to earth.
  28. Note this: The worse will begin in 2022 – 2023. Pray for a true leader to emerge as the nation’s president to come to the rescue of our capsizing nation.
  29. Bandits have migrated to Edo State from Kogi, Agenegbode in Edo North down to Edo Central with their station camp in Esan South East L.G. Area, Igueben L.G. Area. They will operate through Delta State. Their level of destruction may be worse than some part of Nigeria. Also to be on the watch list are Ovia North East, between Edo State and Ondo State. Both states are to wake up for their responsibilities.
  30. Top Gospelers will join their ancestors in Edo and Delta States, Port-Harcourt, Lagos State. It may sound like promised days of rapture. Pray for protections and extension of their days on earth or do we say, let God’s will be done.
  31. Worse economic situation will hit the nation in 2022. Only God will protect His people. It may be down to earth hardship that may turn very many homes begging.
  32. Nigeria needs to pray against worse air disaster plane crash that may again grief the nation and throw the entire nation into mourning with National Flags flying half mask again as it happened in early 2021. The South Eastern part of Nigeria should watch out for the disaster.
  33. Also to be prayed for are the arrested activists – The leader of indigenous State of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu not to die in cell as well as the Yoruba counterpart, Sunday Igbogho. They need to be protected.
  34. Presidential aspirants need prayer not to die during campaign. He may be slumped and rushed to hospital, but may not make it. These aspirants need to weigh their strength before embarking on stressful fatigue operations. It is not a joke.