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WHAT GOD HAS SAID THROUGH HIS MOUTH-PIECE, REV. PROPHET, DR. S.V.O. OKPERE, JP during DHM 31st December, Crossover Night (2017/2018).
It may interest you to know that many predictions that were given by this servant of God since 1993 have all come to pass. It was by the intervention of God through fervent prayers of the faithful Nigerians, including Rev. Prophet, Dr. S.V.O. Okpere, JP leading the congregation for 30 days (Concealment Period) and 21 days (Liberation Period) respectively that President Mohamadu Buhari narrowly escaped death as it was rumored across the world when he spent over eighteen months in London hospitals. To God be the glory.
Boko Haram are still killing and bombing cities and villages in Maiduguri and environs and just recently, the State Governors have voted one Billion dollars to fight the Boko Haram. Just as was prophesied by the prophet of God during the last year crossover night, Christians are still being slaughtered in Kaduna South, and Fulani herdsmen are still king people more than ever before. Flood devastation still wrath havocs in Benue and other parts of the nations just as it was mentioned before.
• Troubles for Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki as cabinet reshuffle looms after one year in the tenure of the existed cabinet. Tension be Executives. Continued meetings in Edo North.
• Attempt to make Edo State one party as it was creates more trouble that compels more local governments to give up for proposed local government elections. Courageous opposition leaders to stand and fight for their rights.
• Prayer for a prominent Onogie of a known kingdom in Edo Central, Esan West to survive 2018. He may slump in a social gathering that may lead to questioning.
• Pray against sudden death of a well-known Gospeller in the western part of the country
• Kogi State will also receive some attacks; more of kidnapping, robbery and arson. No meaningful governance will be recorded until a high spiritualist or Prophet is invited to restore the state to her glory. Prominent people may die in the state.
• The Prophet has called for genuine organized prayers in the State Capitals of the 36 States. The prayers should be devoid of religious, political and tribal sentiments. Let the leaders of the two major religious bodies – the Muslim and the Christian – organize three days fasting and prayers in each state and two days prayers to round up the prayers in Abuja as it was done in 1998. Dates to be agreed by all.
• Delta State needs prayer to avert troubles. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa should pray hard for peace in his tenure. More heat up polity for the state starting from the first quarter of 2018.
• South South, mainly Bayelsa, Rivers Cross River, Akwa-Ibom States are to pray to avert more epidemics. Evil winds may blow across the states.
• There may be air disaster in the north that may bring Boko Haram into perspective, but no group will claim responsibility.
• Nuclear threats across the world that may generate tension. United States of America Presidents may be attacked in 2018.
• Devastating attacks in United Kingdom: under-ground train may be affected. Also devastating winds – Halims Comet may not be ruled out.
• France/Germany are to fortify their nations; Ukraine and some part of Russia are to watch out for attacks.
• South Korea, North Korea got the worse of the war in their lives. Prayer for them not to influence other nations into world war.
• Corrupt people are our brothers and sisters. Why are they celebrated with national honors andcelebrated with national honors and chieftaincy titles? In a situation like this, the much needed peace might not strive.
• More persecution of Christians. The era of Matthew 24:1 – 6; 2nd Timothy3:1 – 8 is come.
• Election tribunal in Edo State: It will not be a spoken word, but to be whispered to the ears. Only God will decide (Proverbs 29:2). Only the will of God will prevail. They that fought battles may be ignored. Pray that the desirable may not be ignored.
• Prominent Benin Chief and an Esan Chief may join their ancestors late 2017 and early 2018.
• Well known preacher of the gospel, male and female, may also join their ancestors.
• APC may have problem in their quest of continuity or winning the forthcoming 2019 elections.
• Mega parties will emerge and compete or take power from APC and PDP will join them. It may still be recycling just because they are tired of what is on ground. Atiku may still be their choice. Watch out.
• Nigerians should think and be wise. The next Nigeria presidential election may produce the president to service in the United Africa States. Eleven (11) leaders of the 54 nations will form United Africa States (UAS). Therefore a vibrant leader is needed by Nigeria that will be the choice of other Africa States. Nigeria may emerge as the capital of the states. Nigerians are therefore tasked to put their house in order so as not to sell their birth right.
• A mighty tree shall again fall in Niger Delta that will compel over 20 nations to come for the funeral. This is one historical death that will affect many. Edo/Delta should watch and pray for the mercy of God.
• United States of America should watch out for terrorist attach between first quarter and third quarter of 2018.
• South/North Korea may get devastating attacks. Strange happenings will occur in America, France, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Libya, etc.
• Christian leaders are tasked to sit up and pray in unity so as to be able to stand the global war against Christians, especially as it will be centered on Africa Nations. There is a great battle ahead in the Christians practice. More Christian leaders are targeted in Nigeria. The battle will begin at the second quarter of 2018 and will be more in the north central.
• Great battles ahead in the lives of the top political leaders in Nigeria. There will be terrible shake up in the leadership that may attract mass defection from the ruling party.
• Re-enacted kidnappings: Continued robbery incidents will be recorded in Edo, Delta and South West states in Nigeria.
• Devastating volcanoes may occur in South Africa, Swaziland. Watch out in 2018 through first quarter of 2019. Also in New Zealand.
• There may be air crashes, one of which may be private jet of a top politician which may raise questions of suspicious bomb plant. There may be elements of truth in the public claims.
• Elder Statesmen, one of which that ruled the nation before may join the ancestors in 2018.
• Flood will wreck areas in Sokoto State and even in Kogi, Benue and part of Edo State. In fact, it may be worse than ever before from late September, 2018.
• Edo State L.G. elections tensions may be truncated first and second time. Prayer to avert killings in some part of Edo central.
• There will be no power stability until those trading and importing generators are talked to. There is no hope for power stability in the near future.
• There will be no fuel stability in price until those who own local refineries with their wisdom are empowered. No government refineries will be able to meet the demand. The old system built refineries will not savage the current population.