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It’s a documented predictions about the nation Nigeria and Her citizens and the world in general. ADDRESS: 5/7, Ekhaguere St, Off Lucky Igbinedion Way, Iworgban Qtrs, By Ramat Park Ikpoba Hill Benin City or Through Upper Mission Extension.





Rev. Okpere is a renowed prophet, a doctor of divinity. the founder and spiritual leader of deliverance holy mission int’l inc. with the headquarter in edo state

rev. proph. dr. s.v.o. okpere (jp)



BIBLE TEXT: ISAIAH 58:1-14, JOEL 2:12-17, MARK 9:1-13


Beloved, it is our tradition , mostly when there are camp prayer meetings that GOD always fulfill His word through his servant and His interpreter (Job 33:23-26) has never failed. Since the inception Of Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc. God has been speaking and will continue to speak. One of the most classical ones was when God spoke through this man of G       OD that Alhaji M.K.O. Abiola would be elected as the President of Nigeria but would not be allowed to rule. This fulfilled prophecy brought forth our Father in the Lord into limelight and the world began to beseech here to see him as it was in time of yore. To God Be The Glory.

2016 Liberation period marked the 21st year the program was unveiled to the congregation. Here, we are today, Rev. Proph. Dr. S,V.O. Okpere (JP), has never failed to be in the Presence of GOD. To God be the glory.

It will interest you to know that all the predictions made on Friday, 25th March, during this 30 days concealment prayer have manifested. All he said concerning Edo state gubernatorial election went as he pronounced. Notable in the prophesies was how it would be done, from the ruling party primaries controversies and the battles that would characterize the postponement and eventually the way it would be done and where the election petition tribunal would end in supreme court. Read all until the second to the last word when the prophet said that some of the chibok school girls might be rescued in late 2016/ early 2017 which has just come to pass a few weeks now and the celebration is still on till now. We are still expecting more to be released. I advise all who have the copy of the predictions to study how God worked through His prophet. You are all welcome in Jesus name. Rev. Prophet, Dr. S.V.O. Okpere (JP), urging Nigerians irrespective of religion, tribe or political parties to continue to pray for our nation for peace, development that would rehabilitate her citizens rather than pursuit of self-worth which further heightened the decay on the nation. Good leadership is absence I this state referred to as Nigeria. Good leadership the said is indeed fundamental to development. He noted that Nigeria is not poor, but it is poorly managed till date. The cleric tasked Christian leaders to be careful on who they support and what they also preached. Many preachers preach more on materialism and never practice what they preach, hence the word has not imparted the hearers. It is high time all religious leaders to see the state of the nation and come together and cry to God in prayers. The prophet said, since human efforts to fix a better country like our since 1960 has failed, then a call for prayers will not fail. Let all the Christian separate themselves from this camp of those who see the ugly side of the country and complain rather than be a part of the solution just as Deliverance Holy Mission Int’l Inc. Has chosen since 1995. If we must put all we know together and pray to God with one mind, one focus, and shun complain, look up to God and a new nation shall emerge. We have complained enough, killed enough, shout enough. The only option left is to pray together. The nation shall be fixed. Many nations across the world have passed through tough times. Such as what our nation is now passing through and they eventually come out of it. Nigeria with our collective efforts shall come out of these tough times in Jesus name.


  1. Edo state is not yet out of captivity. Let them not celebrate yet, tough times are ahead; battles upon battles ahead. Let those that can pray, pray!, do spiritual works, make peace, irrespective of the divide they belong. They should start now before things are aggravated above be careful.
  2. Edo election will go to Supreme Court. I advise for prayers to avert what they may refer to as technicalities in defeat.

The Lord is still speaking on the US election. Just as it was spoken on the prediction of 2014/2015 January elections (No 9) when the Lord said that a woman might win united states of America’s presidential election. It is confirmed that America might join the community of nations that will be govern by woman. Next month’s election in United States of America though in turmoil, but at the end a woman will emerge as the winner with a slight margin.

  1. Serious prayer for Nigeria president to stay alive to complete his tenure and survive 2017 and enter May 2018. The ignorance in the knowledge of prophetic language compared very many people to likened predictions from prophets to be a prophet of doom. The prophets speak of the future, not of the present. It is those who are not in the picture of the future of this nation, Nigeria that will presume that Nigeria is one. The nation has been divided in the spirit. Check Daniel 5:24-28. It is a deceit for now to claim that we are one. Let us pray for the peaceful journey to the will of God. Things are getting out of hands. If God hears the prayers of Nigerians and peradventure sustain this administration to complete his tenure, there may be no meaningful development. I pray the PMB understand and steps down for his long life and peaceful reformation.
  2. There is no truth in the statement of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture that price of rice will drop except the land borders are open. There’s nothing in the nation to sustain her’
  3. More troubles may come up on the green house and vocal voices may be attacked, but God will deliver them. Greedy Nigerians are responsible for the Nigeria currency not appreciating. Except proactive actions are taken now, the situation might be worse by the first quarters of 2017.
  4. Goodluck Jonathan needs prayers to avert attack that may send him on medication abroad. He should be careful of his movements and fraternization with his kinsmen I his state.
  5. Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta state may be confronted with more domestic incidents that will incapacitate him for longer time in abroad. He should be close to his doctor and also pray for God’s mercy.
  6. The agitation of movement for the republic of Biafra may not work-out as they plan except on another dimension, but not at the hands of the youths.
  7. Kogi state will come up again with stories. The effort of Governor Yahaya Bello may not be noticed. His quest for good governance may not be appreciated. He should do a lot of reconciliations. He also needs capable spiritual hands to do spiritual cleansing of the land. Land of Kogi needs deliverance. The young men may not end up well.
  8. The prophet call for real orientation for the release of the chibok school girls who have been groomed by their adopters on how to manifest bomb with weapons. I wish they can be taken to school abroad for real training that will bring them back to real sense of human beings.
  9. Reshuffling upon reshuffling of Federal cabinet will not bring about the expected fruitful result.
  10. Middle belt crisis again: Nasarawa and some part of Niger state may suffer breakdown of law with casualties that may be worse than what they experienced in the past.
  11. Tragic accident that would claim lives prominent Government officers again. Serious prayers needed.

To God Be The Glory