Rev. Prophet Dr. S.V.O Okpere JP

I have the pleasure to welcome you to Deliverance Holy Mission. Our mission is to bring up all raised people for the kingdom of God through Christian activities like Evangelism, Teaching and Deliverance..

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The visionary, Rev. Prophet Dr. S.V.O Okpere JP. Is a man who has sought God and received his plans for his life. He knows his end from the beginning; he has solid confidence in his future. He is a man of exploits and a man of extraordinary strength. He has a lion’s heart and leaps like a horse.

His movement or plans knows no bound. He is strong in the kingdom. The Visionary Rev. Prophet Dr. S.V.O Okpere was born on a faithful day of 13th May 1957 at Idumu, Iyasele Awo, Uromi, Edo State. He was baptized at Saint Anthony Catholic Church, Uromi in 1975. At birth, he was tiny and weighed about one and a half pounds. He was so sick that his parents spend all they had for his survival. When the ailment became worse instead of improving, the parents were frustrated and decided to abandon him. At his early stage, he had strange behaviours and manifestations. These bewildered the parents.

Consequent to the above, the mother was advised to meet with all the different shrine priests in the area to identify the child’s deities such as Olokun, Osun, Osabihie, etc. The priests were able to find fourteen different types of idols for him. The discovery of this idol did not help matters as he was found to be getting smaller in size and weight because of ill health. Despite the above, he talked a lot and his voice was louder than one hundred golden voices. His behavioural attitude earned him several nicknames; notable among them is (Ahuebivahien) which means one searches for who makes noise only to find the noise maker is a nonentity.

Rev. Prophet Dr. S.V.O Okpere, JP. Had his early education at Saint Augustine Primary School, Uromi from 1967 to 1973. He had exemplary performance in school. However, he refuses to further his education. He began to learn carpentry in January 1975. At the age of 18, he became a professional carpenter, driver, bricks layer, welder, etc. in fact, jack of all trades and master of all.

His turning point in life was in 1976. As they ate in the workshop, a white man who disclosed that he came from Cyprus dressed in Esan attire, suddenly appeared before them. This man appeared to be drunk. The white man beckon on Sunday Ebhojeaye and asked for his name. he replied, ‘Sunday Ebhojeaye many things transpired during this encounter but the man however spat on his (Sunday) palm, prayed, and asked Sunday Ebhojeaye to rub his head with the hand. He was told not to disclose all that happened during this encounter to anyone and that fourteen years from that date he would be coming to establish a ministry with him.

But the time Sunday Ebhojeaye opened his eyes he found that the man had vanished into the air. There he knew it was an angel who visited him. On 15th July 1990, he received a divine calling which fruit we are all enjoying today.

God has given him the mandate to build the old waste places. To raise the foundations of many generations and he shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in Isaiah 58:12


1. To bring up all raised people for the kingdom of God through Christian activities like Evangelism, Teaching, and Deliverance.

2. To help the church of Christ and mankind in general in the battle against sins and powers of darkness (the kingdom of the Devil) to set the captives and oppressed free, heal the sick solve all spiritual problems, and destroy powers and works of darkness for the peaceful living of THE CHURCH AND MANKIND (Mathew 11:28 30; 4:23 & 24.)

3. To create and promote Christian unity and fellowship of God, thereby creating opportunities for the growth and utilization of the gifts of individuals in the Church.

4. To stand boldly for holiness and righteousness and to stand against unrighteousness the sins of the world.

5. To preach the gospel with evidence to all nations of the world thereby raising people unto our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ.